Fubar – Weltschmerz (Review)

FubarFubar are a grindcore band from the Netherlands and this is their third album.

Fubar play melodic grindcore that’s enhanced with crust. Melodic grindcore you say? Why, that’s usual! It certainly is, but it’s also very effective.

The band use melody surprisingly well for a release of this nature. The majority of bands of this type ignore this potential avenue of exploration, but not Fubar. This results in a well-rounded release with many moods, paces, and styles incorporated into the band’s assault.

The songs are an emotive and energetic blend of crust, grind, and death metal. All three are represented well, but the crust part of the band’s delivery makes this release stand out, adding a melodic and emotive component to the songs that would be sorely missed were it absent.

The songwriting on this album is very strong. This is not a band that are a one-dimensional blast machine. No, this is a band that successfully manage to craft melodic and emotive songs that just happen to be a lot faster and more brutal than most.

The vocals are a mix of different styles. Most of the time they consist of harsh shouts that betray hardcore roots, while at others different styles appear, sometimes descending into brutal deathgrowls, for example. The singer gives a passionate performance and, like the rest of the music, boasts high quality levels.

I really enjoyed Weltschmerz. This album takes the best qualities from melodic, emotive crust/hardcore, and fuses them with the aggression and brutality of deathgrind. This approach sees the band meeting these two sides in the middle, and producing some top quality songs as a result.

Very highly recommended.

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