Entropy Created Consciousness – Antica Memoria di Dis: Acheron & Lethe (Review)

Entropy Created Consciousness - Antica Memoria di Dis AcheronThis is the second album from Entropy Created Consciousness, a one-man, (with guests), black metal band.

I’m a big fan of 2018’s Impressions of the Morning Star, so this new release has been greatly anticipated by yours truly. I haven’t been disappointed. This is top tier underground esoteric blackened art. Continue reading “Entropy Created Consciousness – Antica Memoria di Dis: Acheron & Lethe (Review)”

Blaze of Perdition – The Harrowing of Hearts (Review)

Blaze of Perdition - The Harrowing of HeartsBlaze of Perdition are a Polish black metal band and this is their fifth album.

A new Blaze of Perdition album is always welcome, with both 2015’s Near Death Revelations and 2017’s Conscious Darkness setting high standards. Pleasingly, The Harrowing of Hearts doesn’t let the side down, and offers 51 minutes of quality material, including a Fields of the Nephilim cover that closes the album. Continue reading “Blaze of Perdition – The Harrowing of Hearts (Review)”

Agrona – Realm of the Fallen (Review)

AgronaAgrona are a UK black metal band and this is their debut album.

Containing 47 minutes of black metal that effectively combines both scathing brutality and grim atmosphere, this as a well-rounded and well-written album that demonstrates a talented and passionate band who are clearly doing what they love. Continue reading “Agrona – Realm of the Fallen (Review)”

Entity of Hate – Cursed for Eternity (Review)

Entity of HateEntity of Hate are an Indian melodic black metal band and this is their debut EP.

Featuring a member of Diabolus Arcanium, this is 15 minutes of melodic black metal with death metal undertones. Continue reading “Entity of Hate – Cursed for Eternity (Review)”

Old Forest – Dagian (Review)

Old ForestOld Forest are a Black Metal band from the UK and this is their third album.

This album features four long songs and a fair amount of variety across the 48 minute playing time. The band play Atmospheric Black Metal that has a contemporary feel with nods towards the Pagan, Folk, Gothic, Depressive and Progressive sub-genres of Black Metal.

These additional influences make their presence felt during the tracks and manifest in different ways, from exploratory sections, to enhancing cleans, to Folk instrumentation, subtle synths, and more.

It’s a hugely impressive demonstration of musical ability and songwriting skill; even only a couple of minutes into the first track Morwen, with its Doom-laden intro and understated-yet-powerful cleans, you know this is going to be a special release.

The songs have a lot of content, all contained in a modern Black Metal wrapping and serviced by a recording that’s meaty enough to do the material justice without loosing its Blackened lustre.

The emotive guitars do everything requested of them with ease, whether this is playing fast, slow, or even at a good rocking pace. The guitars serve as a bedrock for the other instruments to be built around, both the standard ones such as the drums and bass, and the non-standard ones that serve to add so much additional atmosphere to the tracks.

Vocals are as varied and interesting as the music; Blackened screams, Gothic cleans and lots in the middle.

Old Forest have produced a very gratifying release that manages to successfully combine old and new into a cohesive atmospheric package. Dagian is impressive, emotive and destined for a lot of positive feedback I would imagine.

For any fans of expressive Atmospheric Black Metal.

As Light Dies – The Love Album – Volume I (Review)

As Light DiesAs Light Dies are from Spain and this is their third album of Black Metal.

Atmospheric and moody, As Light Dies create darkly melodic compositions that take the Melodic Black Metal theme and add some interesting twists to make it their own. Avant Garde and Gothic/Depressive Black Metal influences come together across this very professional album.

Mournful cleans accompany jagged screaming growls on their journey from tragedy to tragedy, like dark tourists in a town of pain.

Quality guitar work is apparent from the off with Blackened rhythms being performed alongside emotive leads. The songs aim for maximum emotional impact whilst retaining the bite of their Black Metal core.

The album has a good sound and everything sounds clear and punchy, allowing the band the room to spread their creative wings with freedom.

The keyboard highlights work with the music instead of dominating it and add texture to the already expressive guitar work.

This album is well-written and well-performed. Check them out.