Entity of Hate – Cursed for Eternity (Review)

Entity of HateEntity of Hate are an Indian melodic black metal band and this is their debut EP.

Featuring a member of Diabolus Arcanium, this is 15 minutes of melodic black metal with death metal undertones.

The music has somewhat of an old-school Gothic feel to it, at least partially due to the keyboards that are used, although these are not as over-the-top as some proponents of the style were/are. The EP reminds me of some of the early symphonic black metal bands from the 90s; the music has that same vibe and delivery.

Cursed for Eternity is very enjoyable because of this, filling me with an acute sense of nostalgia. Having said that, I still feel there’s room for this kind of symphonic atavistic throwback in 2017, especially as this is very much a style less-played these days.

The songs are darkly Gothic and full of blackened spite. It’s great to hear this kind of thing again. These elements are entwined with enough classic metal leads and melodic sensibilities to keep things interesting. I particularly enjoy these leads and the accompanying solos, in fact.

Very enjoyable. Entity of Hate have shown a lot of potential here and are ones to keep an eye on.

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