Ecferus – Shamaniacal Essence (Review)

EcferusThis is the latest EP by one man US black metal project Ecferus.

2015’s Prehistory was an album that I enjoyed so much that I regularly return to it. Evoking the grandeur and wonder of the natural world from a black metal perspective; Prehistory, and its follow up Pangaea, are both albums that I heartily recommend. Continue reading


Question – Gnosis Primordial (Review)

QuestionThis is the latest EP by Mexican death metal band Question.

I was suitably impressed with Question’s 2014 debut album Doomed Passages, so it’s good to have some new material from them now.

Doomed Passages was an album that had its own Continue reading

Vipassi – Śūnyatā (Review)

VipassiThis is the debut album from Australian instrumental metal band Vipassi.

Śūnyatā is 30 minutes of instrumental music that combines elements of progressive, technical and death metal together to form an engaging and thoughtful listening experience.

Atheist, Cynic and Death are the Continue reading

Sunlight’s Bane – The Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried (Review)

Sunlight's BaneThis is the debut album from Sunlight’s Bane, a blackened sludge/grindcore band from the US.

This is nasty, raw and nihilistic music that wants nothing more than to terrify, scar and demoralise the listener. With a mix of Nails, Anaal Nathrakh, Hooded Menace, Aborted, Trap Them, Extreme Noise Terror, Primitive Man, Zao, and many others in their sound, Sunlight’s Bane have concocted an identity that’s very much their own and quite a hard one to accurately classify, if you care about such things. Continue reading

Grave Plague – The Infected Crypts (Review)

Grave PlagueGrave Plague are a US death metal band and this is their debut EP/demo.

With cover artwork and a band name that drew me in like a moth to a flame, I knew I had to listen to this release as soon as I could.

This short release features two tracks of ugly, primitive old-school death metal. No, I have not been disappointed. Continue reading

Interview with The Unguided

The Unguided Logo

Swedish metallers The Unguided have recently released their latest EP Brotherhood to critical acclaim. Not only does this kick off a new trilogy of future albums, but it also marks a lineup change, with the band debuting their new singer.

So, an important release in many ways, but one that more than lives up to the pressure placed upon it. Find out how below… Continue reading

Interview with Hammerfall

Hammerfall Logo

Anyone into traditional heavy metal has probably heard of Hammerfall. The Swedish metallers have been knocking out albums since 1997, with no sign of running out of steam in the near future.

Which brings us to their latest album, the appropriately titled Built to Last. Long-serving bassist Fredrik Larsson got in touch to tell us how and why the band definitely live up to this album’s title… Continue reading