Ecferus – Shamaniacal Essence (Review)

EcferusThis is the latest EP by one man US black metal project Ecferus.

2015’s Prehistory was an album that I enjoyed so much that I regularly return to it. Evoking the grandeur and wonder of the natural world from a black metal perspective; Prehistory, and its follow up Pangaea, are both albums that I heartily recommend.

Shamaniacal Essence continues the above theme, but in a rawer, more primitive form than some of the other work from this artist. The songs on Shamaniacal Essence aren’t totally devoid of subtlety or nuance, of course, but they’re certainly more more direct and savage for a lot of the time.

There’s a real fire in this music, as the artist has clearly decided that what Ecferus needs, (for this release at least), is more atavistic aggression. Well, if that was his intention then he’s certainly succeeded.

Alongside the more straightforward examples of severe blackened hatred that the EP has in spades, we also get some instances of dissonant, esoteric, occult black metal, where the music takes on the hue of a dark ritual in sonic form. These elements are frequently entwined with or subservient to the raw blast and groove of the other parts of the music, but no less effective for this. More so, actually, as they have more impact for not being overused.

Harsh, grim, mysterious and otherworldly is the black metal on this release. Enough said.

Developing another interesting facet to the Ecferus sound, Shamaniacal Essence is a satisfying listen of underground black metal effectively written and performed by someone that clearly knows the genre well.

Like his previous work, I heartily recommended this too.


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