Hammerfall – Built to Last (Review)

HammerfallHammerfall are a Swedish heavy/power metal band and this is their tenth album.

Since forming in 1993 and developing into one of the bigger names in heavy/power metal, the title of their tenth album is quite aptly named.

It pleases me that the first song starts right into the action, rather than having any faffing around. It’s a small thing really, but it immediately endears me to the music.

The entire album is good, honest, pure heavy metal. What’s not to like? A strong, professional sound allows the band to show off their riffs and songwriting chops without inhibition, and the whole thing has so many hooks and so much catchiness it’s silly.

The songs are instantly engaging and have enough content to bear up to repeated listens. In fact, the more you listen to this the better it gets, which is always a good thing to discover.

Full of infectious melodies and rousing harmonies, the singer is on fine form and the rest of the band equally so. Quality leads and some very, very nice solos ride atop the backbone of the rhythm guitars as the songs provide you with that fix of real metal that you so desperately crave.

I find it’s hard not to feel a certain level of excitement listening to this. Built to Last is life-affirming and I can’t help but feel pumped up when I play it.

Yeah, sure – some people will no doubt take exception to the over-the-top nature of some of the stuff on here, but screw them, what do they know? Hammerfall embody heavy metal and Built to Last is a rockingly enjoyable feast for the senses.

An essential release for fans of proper, classic heavy metal. Oh yes.

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