Grave Plague – The Infected Crypts (Review)

Grave PlagueGrave Plague are a US death metal band and this is their debut EP/demo.

With cover artwork and a band name that drew me in like a moth to a flame, I knew I had to listen to this release as soon as I could.

This short release features two tracks of ugly, primitive old-school death metal. No, I have not been disappointed.

Arise the Infected is the first song. Immediately the band show their love of the old-school; specifically Swedish death metal with a twist of the American, Floridian style. The song starts with some nicely macabre melodies before heading off into more brutal territories. Coming off as somewhat of a mix between early Entombed and Obituary, the song easily holds the attention and is a satisfying hit of a familiar and always welcome style.

The second and final track is named Halls of the Rotten. This song is the shorter of the two and wastes no time in getting down to business. Continuing the theme set out in Arise the InfectedHalls of the Rotten is overall probably the heavier and more aggressive of the two. Ferocious chugs and sick grooves abound, while the singer tries to vomit his guts out over the top of it all.


There’s a meagre sub-seven minutes of material on this short release, but it’s certainly whetted the appetite for whatever they may do next.

Check this out.

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