Question – Gnosis Primordial (Review)

QuestionThis is the latest EP by Mexican death metal band Question.

I was suitably impressed with Question’s 2014 debut album Doomed Passages, so it’s good to have some new material from them now.

Doomed Passages was an album that had its own individuality and allowed the band to stand apart from a lot of their peers; Gnosis Primordial is a similar proposition.

The band continue to impress with their mysterious, diseased death metal. The music that’s contained on this 25 minute EP channels the old-school death metal greats into an individualistic act of worship that shows Question off in a very good light.

I still hear Death in their sound, but this isn’t the only old-school influence. Question very much take these elements and make them their own, however.

There’s a lot of darkness contained in Question’s riffs. The guitars seem deeply imbued with it. A lot of the time when this kind of music has a good degree of darkness to it there’s usually a black metal influence; although this could be argued occasionally, for the most part I think it’s a very death metal brand of darkness.

Each song hits the spot nicely, even Silhouettes of Reality, which is an instrumental interlude in the middle of the release. It may be light and calm, but it still gives the impression of some slowly-building otherworldly threat. This pent up danger is then unleashed when the next track Descent into Oblivion starts.

With an earthy, rough recording that’s perfect for the band’s atavistic take on primeval death metal, Gnosis Primordial is an EP that I’ll be visiting again and again.

Dissonant, nuanced, aggressive and with more than just a hint of the occult; Question make death metal with substance.

Highly recommended.

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