Moonthoth – Uroczysko (Review)

Moonthoth - UroczyskoThis is the second album from Polish one-man black metal band Moonthoth.

Uroczysko treats us to 50 minutes of underground black metal. It’s old-school and traditional at heart, yet rich, layered, and adventurous in scope. It has a keen atmospheric edge, is bolstered by powerful symphonic elements, and is not afraid to walk its own path. Continue reading “Moonthoth – Uroczysko (Review)”

Bizarrekult – Den Tapte Krigen (Review)

Bizarrekult - Den Tapte KrigenBizarrekult are a Norwegian post-black metal band and this is their second album.

Formed around a central artist who is Bizarrekult’s driving creative force, he’s joined by a range of other musicians, (including a member of the mighty Adliga), who round out the band nicely. The end result of their efforts is Den Tapte Krigen, a 42-minute slice of expressive modern black metal. Continue reading “Bizarrekult – Den Tapte Krigen (Review)”

Grá – Lycaon (Review)

Grá - LycaonThis is the fourth album from Swedish black metal band Grá.

Featuring the singer of Dark Funeral on vocals/guitar, Grá play black metal in the classic Swedish style. Lean, mean, and lethal, Lycaon boasts 36 minutes of delicious blackened material for the listener to get demolished by. Continue reading “Grá – Lycaon (Review)”

Hagl – Lenket til Livet (Review)

HaglHagl are from Norway and this is their début album. They play Black Metal.

Boasting an album cover that’s creepy, mysterious and threatening, the same can be said of Hagl’s music.

This is Black Metal that’s shrouded in esoteric knowledge and forgotten evils.

Impenetrable vocals that somehow seem excreted rather than vocalised rasp out of the darkness that the music wears like a cloak. Indeed, it creates this darkness and wields it like a weapon.

Atmospheric enhancements and subtle sound additions allow the music to have depth as well as mystery.

Lenket til Livet is somewhat of a cross between Naglfar and Khold, if the former was slowed down and the latter had less groove and more of a Doom vibe.

Enter the world of Hagl and feel the darkness slide across you like a shroud.