Sidious – Temporal (Review)

Sidious - TemporalThis is the second album by Sidious, a UK black metal band.

Sidious made a strong impression on me with their debut album Revealed in Profane Splendour, and now that it’s finally time to get some new material from them, they have changed almost completely. Now I’ve heard their new album, I’m actually somewhat surprised they haven’t changed their name; honestly, it’s like listening to a completely different band in most respects.

The Sidious of 2019 is a different beast, returning with a new lineup and a much darker, more blackened sound. The band’s earlier symphonic death metal approach has been corrupted and mutated, being reborn as underground, raw black metal.

Harsh screams are the main mode of assault, although other styles do appear here and there to add extra flavour, (deep growls, some cleans singing, for example). Although you can hear traces of the band’s death metal past, it’s only a minor part of their present sound. The majority of the material here effectively combines second wave influences with a more modern interpretation of black metal. The end result is 53 minutes of music that really does hit the spot very well.

Dark and aggressive, while also having ample atmosphere and grim melody, these songs are well-written and very satisfying. Containing a good mix of instant-appeal presence and longer-lasting substance, Temporal is an extremely enjoyable album that has made an even stronger impression on me than the band’s debut album did. I wasn’t expecting Sidious to have reinvented themselves on Temporal, but it turns out that I’m very glad they have. If there’s any justice in the world Temporal will garner them many great reviews and a much broader popularity, as the music here is really damn good.

Very highly recommended.

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