Abnormality – Sociopathic Constructs (Review)

Abnormality - Sociopathic ConstructsThis is the third album from Abnormality, a death metal band from the US.

I like Abnormality. Sociopathic Constructs follows 2016’s Mechanisms of Omniscience, and gives us 33 minutes of brutal death metal with a side order of technicality.

Taking an array of different death metal influences into their style, Abnomality have always balanced groove and technicality well, while also splicing this with blast beats where appropriate. This is still true on Sociopathic Constructs, but if anything I’d say that the technicality has increased, at least in places; at other times they still peel off crushing riffs with the best of them.

Abnormality also have a penchant for more atypical deliveries now and again, occasionally throwing in sections, riffs, leads, or ideas which are more off-kilter or unusual. It’s a testament to their songwriting that when they do this they still manage to have it remain accessible; they manage to incorporate this side of their music into their overall sound without it being off-putting or alienating in any way to the listener.

The vocals have always been a strong asset in Abnormality’s sound, and on these new songs they sound better than ever. The singer growls and screams her way through the tracks like a monster, and her voice sounds on fire.

Sociopathic Constructs is an album with a lot to offer. Straightforward brutality, twisted groove, heaving technicality, and atypical energy – these and more are all selling points of these songs. Instant gratification and depth of replay value are both strong with this album.

Abnormality’s new release is exceptionally enjoyable. Very highly recommended.

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