Yakuza – Sutra (Review)

Yakuza - SutraThis is the seventh album from US avant-garde/experimental doom band Yakuza.

Sutra is a 54-minute journey into the unexpected and the atypical. Few genre tags will do this justice, so I’ve settled on avant-garde doom, which is vague enough to be relevant, so why not. Whatever you call them, Yakuza have provided a multifaceted metal album that’s diverse and enjoyable. Continue reading “Yakuza – Sutra (Review)”

Sol Kia – Zos Ethos (Review)

Sol Kia - Zos EthosThis is the debut album from Sol Kia, a Belgian experimental black metal band.

Zos Ethos features a member of Neptunian Maximalism, and contains 45 minutes of experimental psychedelic black metal. Continue reading “Sol Kia – Zos Ethos (Review)”

Blacklab – Abyss (Review)

Blacklab - AbyssThis is the second album from Japanese doom band Blacklab.

Taking a jagged, almost experimental approach to doom, Blacklab’s music is a curious fusion of Black Sabbath, Boris, and The Stooges. This is dark, raw, and peppered with hardcore and noise rock influences. Continue reading “Blacklab – Abyss (Review)”

Big | Brave – Ardor (Review)

Big BraveBig | Brave are an experimental doom band from Canada and this is their third album.

This is minimalist experimental music, expressed as vast sheets of abstract soundscapes and diligently pieced together emotional compositions. Continue reading “Big | Brave – Ardor (Review)”

Boris – Dear (Review)

BorisBoris are a legenday group from Japan. Over the years they have produced so much music in so many different styles it’s actually quite difficult to keep up with them. Suffice to say, whatever they do, they usually do it very well indeed.

The last time we caught up with Boris it was only a year or so ago, with their split/collaboration with Merzbow. This was experimental noise at its very best, a style I’m not a huge fan of, but done so well that I couldn’t help but take to it. Continue reading “Boris – Dear (Review)”

Gridfailure – Ensuring the Bloodline Ends Here (Review)

GridfailureGridfailure is a one-man solo experimental project from the US.

This is a mutated, corrupted, experimental release that incorporates all manner of guitars, electronics, keyboards, noises, violins, bongos, harmonicas, and much, much more into its aborted embrace.

Okay, but is it any good? This is the Continue reading “Gridfailure – Ensuring the Bloodline Ends Here (Review)”