Dead Cross – II (Review)

Dead Cross - IIThis is the second album from Dead Cross, a hardcore band from the US.

Following on from 2017’s well-received¬†Dead Cross, II hits like an adrenaline shot. Stitching together a carefully smashed up collection of hardcore, thrash and other miscellaneous styles, Dead Cross once again deliver a charismatic and characterful platter of punky tunes. Continue reading “Dead Cross – II (Review)”

Lam – Liber K (Review)

Lam - Liber KLam are an international alternative metal band and this is their debut EP.

Featuring the very capable singer of Herod, (ex-The Ocean), Lam are a relatively new band that nonetheless appear to be fully formed already and ready to challenge listener’s everywhere. There’s only 11 minutes of material here, but it makes a good impression. Continue reading “Lam – Liber K (Review)”

Dead Cross – Dead Cross (Review)

Dead CrossThis is the debut album from Dead Cross, a hardcore band from the US.

Featuring members and ex-members of bands such as Faith No More and Slayer, there’s immediately a certain level of expectation with this, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Continue reading “Dead Cross – Dead Cross (Review)”