Wonderbox Metal End of Year List – Best Metal of 2018

Having considered it long and hard, I’ve decided that any form of introductory paragraph with any real substance would simply detract from the list below. As such, all I’ll say is that 2018, like every year, has given us some top quality metal releases. So have a look at my top picks for 2018, and hopefully you’ll find a new band to obsess over…

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Monthly Overview – the Best of October 2018

So what do we have for you this month? What new batch of metal delights has been unleashed upon the world in October? Let’s find out… Continue reading “Monthly Overview – the Best of October 2018”

Megaton Leviathan – Past 21: Beyond The Arctic Cell (Review)

Megaton LeviathanMegaton Leviathan are from the US and play Doom.

This is slow Psychedelic Doom with a hazy atmosphere and resplendent aura.

The songs slowly unwind like a tapestry and the band’s rich, textured sound unveils itself like a gradual sunrise. The bass provides a grounding foundation whilst laid back drums work with snaking guitars to form these slow-burning pieces of musical art. Additional instrumentation and effects enhance the songs and facilitate the creation of Doom that is expressive and lazily articulate.

Vocals are merely shadows of expressions and are used like any other instrument to create subtle highlights along the aural journey.

The tracks move with a glacial pace and each of these 4 tracks is a Doom-laden joy to listen to. This is music to become absorbed in and get carried away by.

The songs are emotive and feel less like they have been written and more like they are being channelled, fully formed, into this plane of existence from some entirely other place in space/time. This allows an entirely transcendent listening experience for the listener if engaged with in the right way.

Megaton Leviathan, (a name that instantly conjures images of heaviness), have created an exemplar of psychedelic Doom with this album. It’s a thing of wondrous beauty and awe inspiring talent.

If you like Doom then this is a must; have a listen to this superb band and get lost in their creations.