Entrails – An Eternal Time of Decay (Review)

Entrails - An Eternal Time of DecayThis is the seventh album from Entrails, a Swedish death metal band.

A new Entrails album is always worth a listen. I enjoyed 2015’s Obliteration, 2017’s World Inferno, and 2019’s Rise of the Reaper, and An Eternal Time of Decay – with its 46 minutes of material – is no different. Continue reading “Entrails – An Eternal Time of Decay (Review)”

Endseeker – Mount Carcass (Review)

Endseeker - Mount CarcassThis is the third album from German death metal band Endseeker.

2019’s The Harvest was a solid and enjoyable slice of Swedish-influenced death metal, so when the 36-minute lump of sinew and teeth that is Mount Carcass appeared on the horizon, I knew I wanted to embrace it eagerly. Continue reading “Endseeker – Mount Carcass (Review)”

Carnation – Where Death Lies (Review)

Carnation - Where Death LiesThis is the second album from Belgian death metallers Carnation.

Having really enjoyed 2018’s Chapel of Abhorrence, it’s with high expectations that I turned to Where Death Lies. It turns out they the band have exceeded these expectations with ease. Continue reading “Carnation – Where Death Lies (Review)”

Burial Remains – Trinity of Deception (Review)

Burial Remains - Trinity of DeathBurial Remains are a death metal band from Germany/the Netherlands, and this is their debut album.

Across a mere 25 minutes Burial Remains tear out Swedish-styled old-school death metal like it never went out of fashion. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, it never did. Continue reading “Burial Remains – Trinity of Deception (Review)”

Damnation Festival – Leeds University, 04/11/17 (Live Review)

Damnation Festival Header

It’s once more time to gather in Leeds for this year’s Damnation Festival. With another amazing lineup, this is a festival that’s a definite milestone in the yearly metal calendar.

Damnation Stage Times Continue reading “Damnation Festival – Leeds University, 04/11/17 (Live Review)”

Inert – Obliteration of the Self (Review)

InertThis is the debut EP from this international, (Swedish/Spanish), death metal band.

Inert play old-school/Swedish death metal, taking influence from the likes of Dismember, Grave, Bloodbath and Entombed.

Dark growls sound as if something monolithic is being dragged through the earth. The singer Continue reading “Inert – Obliteration of the Self (Review)”

Hellsworn – Repulsive Existence (Review)

HellswornHellsworn are a death metal band from the UK. This is their debut EP from a few years ago, re-released with a bonus track.

This may be from the UK, but it has SWEDISH DEATH METAL stamped all over it in giant, ugly letters. It’s raw, filthy and has enough chainsaws to keep any fan of the style happy.

Yes, yes, I know; do we really need another band playing this kind of thing? Well, as I sit here listening to it at the moment, I can only conclude that we do, as they’re currently Continue reading “Hellsworn – Repulsive Existence (Review)”

Gaped – The Murderous Inception (Review)

GapedThis is the début EP of Australian Death Metal band Gaped.

Gaped play powerful-sounding Death Metal with lots of emphasis on the heaviness of the guitars and the quality of the riffs.

Mixed in amongst the brutality are snippets of melody and added flourishes, as well as some effective lead work and solos.

There is a fair degree of versatility in the sound, from Six Feet Under-style groove to Bloodbath-style melody to Avulsed-style blasting. In fact, a mix of Bloodbath and Six Feet Under with a hint of Avulsed – probably a good description for how Gaped come across.

The vocals are deep and menacing, but understandable. They chomp and chew their way through the chunky guitars and compete with them for the highest impact.

They end the EP with a cover of Stripped, Raped and Strangled by Cannibal Corpse. It’s very good.

This album is a lesson in focused, structured and planned Death Metal murder. There’s only 23 minutes of music on this album, 20 if you discount the cover; however this is a great release for the discerning Death Metal fan and one can only wait for an album now. Great stuff.