Entrails – An Eternal Time of Decay (Review)

Entrails - An Eternal Time of DecayThis is the seventh album from Entrails, a Swedish death metal band.

A new Entrails album is always worth a listen. I enjoyed 2015’s Obliteration, 2017’s World Inferno, and 2019’s Rise of the Reaper, and An Eternal Time of Decay – with its 46 minutes of material – is no different.

What can you say about Swedish death metal and Entrails? If you’re a fan of the classic sound of bands such as Entombed, Grave, Dismember, and Bloodbath, then this is for you. Entrails play the style better than most, and An Eternal Time of Decay is easy to digest and enjoy. My tolerance for the Swedish style may be lower than it once was, but I always have time for a helping of Entrails.

These old-school songs are well-written and hit the spot nicely. Crushing riffs and bulldozer rhythms do their best to batter and bruise, while dark melodies and macabre atmosphere cloak you in the auras of death. There’s a punky crust edge to many of the faster sections, and the energy levels are high. The band’s performance is tight and professional, yet doesn’t lack passion or bite. The songs have catchy hooks and brutal delivery in the right amounts, and the chainsaw guitars are everywhere.

Entrails know what they’re doing with this sort of music. An Eternal Time of Decay sounds exactly as you would expect and want it to, and that’s no bad thing at all. Although Entrails don’t reinvent the wheel, (why would you want them to?), An Eternal Time of Decay is a solid and enjoyable example of the style. Like old-school Swedish death metal? Like Entrails. Simple.

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