Carnation – Chapel of Abhorrence (Review)

CarnationCarnation are a death metal band from Belgium and this is their debut album.

Carnation play old-school death metal, and on their debut album they offer up 48 minutes of the stuff to the death metal gods.

The music is punishing and brutal, but not without nuance or atmosphere. There are crust and Swedish death metal influences, but the band are not restricted by these; add a sprinkling of the Polish style here and there, (think Vader), and coat in wider 80s/90s death metal influences, (primarily USDM), and you have an idea of the ground that Chapel of Abhorrence covers. There’s also the occasional thrash element, and some enjoyably melodic quirks that are set deep into the tracks.

Grim, macabre atmospheres sit alongside thunderous riffs and deep, soul searing vocals, (regarding the latter, Carnation seem to have a daemon singing for them). Chugging powerhouses of forceful guitars and electric pummelling intensity are common, as well as some moments of epic darkness and mood.

Carnation’s songwriting is well-honed, combining memorability with a direct approach that pays off more than it doesn’t.

Chapel of Abhorrence is an enjoyable and very satisfying release.

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