Entrails – Rise of the Reaper (Review)

Entrails - Rise of the ReaperThis is the sixth album from Entrails, a Swedish death metal band.

Entrails are a reliable death metal juggernaut. With both Obliteration and World Inferno the band produced highly enjoyable exemplars of the classic Swedish death metal style, and now with Rise of the Reaper they’re back once again with another 47 minutes of buzzsaw worship.

Brutal riffs, macabre melodies, and dark heaviness are your guides as you descend into Entrails’ world. As with all Swedish death metal, it’s the song itself that’s the focus here; no matter how brutal or melodic things get, the band never forget to bring things back around to the needs of the song itself.

It’s mostly a mid-paced battering that we get, although there are moments of speed thrown around now and again. Ferocious riffs and abrasive guitars are everywhere, as are plenty of catchy choruses and forceful verses. Subtle keyboard highlights are used a surprising amount, but only to add infernal flavour, and never to distract from the main action.

The band are on their third singer in as many albums, but the new one seems to be right at home. It turns out he’s also the vocalist for Gravestone, so clearly knows what he’s doing. His old-school rasped growl is not as deep as that of some death metal singers, but what he lacks in guttural tones he makes up for with character, personality, and legibility.

Another strong release from Entrails. Swedish death metal on the whole is just as reliable as Entrails are, and this album was only ever going to be a good one.

Check this out.

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