Coffin Rot – A Monument to the Dead (Review)

Coffin Rot - A Monument to the DeadThis is the debut album from US death metallers Coffin Rot.

Coffin Rot’s self-titled demo from last year made an impression, so how could I pass up on the band’s first full-length? All four tracks from that demo have made it to A Monument for the Dead, with the 32-minute running time rounded out by a further four new tracks.

This is dark, heavy, and rotting with filth; Metal of Death with no frills and no pretensions. Powered by a love for classic song structure and timeless songwriting, these songs are well-written and very effective in their simplicity.

The dirty guitars alternate between barbed riffing, crushing doom, and macabre atmospherics. There’s great variety here, within the band’s chosen genre, including belligerent chugging, energetic thrashing, and grim melodic moods. There are some wicked solos here too. Ragged, feral vocals are well-performed, and add the icing to a very foul cake. The production is perfectly judged, and the entire package of A Monument for the Dead is a strong one.

Coffin Rot clearly know what they’re doing with the old-school death metal style, and make it seem fresher than any decades-old corpse has any right to be.

Highly recommended.

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