Endseeker – The Harvest (Review)

Endseeker - The HarvestThis is the second album from German death metallers Endseeker.

Endseeker play old-school death metal, with a notably Swedish flavour. It’s big, bold, brash, and brutal.

This is ferocious and ugly, but not without character. Gritty riffs and feral flavour power music that takes no prisoners. Swedish death metal is the obvious prime mover, but other ideas and influences can be detected here and there, (including some tasty thrash elements). Melody is used well, but not overly so. The music is song-based, with a decent amount of hooks to keep you coming back for more. The writing is good, and the album holds your attention quite easily.

The vocals are brutal barks, essentially delivering what you’d expect for the style, but having enough inflection, variation, and personality to stand out. As a focal point for the music, the singer’s performance is strong.

It’s clear from the start that the band are having a whale of a time with the music. While The Harvest may not be a novelty/comedy album, (thank God), it’s one that’s fun to listen to, providing lots of entertainment and brutal joy. Yes, I may have a soft spot for this sort of Swedish-influenced death metal, but I just can’t help liking this sort of thing.

The Harvest has more character and personality than a lot of Swedish death metal worship, (which is definitely helped by the band’s singer), and Endseeker are worth spending some time with if you haven’t yet grown tired of this style, (impossible!).

Highly recommended.

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