Hadit – With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable Path (Review)

Hadit - With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable PathHadit are an Italian death metal band and this is their debut album.

Hadit play death metal that has both a malevolent blackened side and a secret doom heart.

Cold dissonance and grim atmospheres are your guides as you navigate the 38 minutes on offer here. Hadit take an esoteric approach to their art, one which reeks of the occult and of old blood. The band’s ritualistic old-school death metal is well-realised, and filled with the sort of material that keeps the listener returning for more, hypnotised by the darkness. The promo blurb mentions groups such as Inquisition, Incantation, Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Archgoat, and this seems fitting.

The music’s brutality is offset by the melody, atmosphere, and moody doom aspects. This is a textured collection of songs, multifaceted in their obscurity and layered in their application of death metal extremity. Across these seven songs Hadit employ a range of extreme metal tricks, tools, and songwriting flourishes, all of which manifest as creative death metal with depth and substance.

Dark melodies engulf the listener, swamping them in foul melodic invocations. These are subdued by the sheer menace and unsettling auras that permeate the music like a sickness. There’s a core of raw doom to Hadit’s music, and even when they’re at their fastest and most aggressive, the band still seem capable of channelling the abyss. The doom is truly unleashed in the slower passages that seem to crawl with a malignant grace that’s terrifying in its delivery. Hadit know atmosphere, and they wield it like an ancient weapon.

With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable Path is an extremely enjoyable and satisfying slab of occult death metal. If you’re a fan of the old-school style, but want something a bit more sophisticated and intelligent than the norm, then look no further than this.

Very highly recommended.

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