Void Rot – Descending Pillars (Review)

Void Rot - Descending PillarsThis is the debut album from US death/doom metallers Void Rot.

After enjoying Void Rot’s past work, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Descending Pillars. This is 38 minutes of malevolent death metal that’s been spiked and corrupted by dark doom foulness. Reeking of ominous auras and malignant moods, Void Rot’s menacing death/doom is an extremely enjoyable proposition. The band’s songwriting uses crushing darkness as a weapon, cloaking listeners in such physical and mental heaviness as to leave them flattened completely. This is music both immense and monstrous.

The songs combine straightforward heaviness with psychedelic depth, weaving their otherworldly spell effortlessly and effectively. Thick riffs cross rusty blades with dissonant malice and serpentine doom. This mix of grim simplicity and more intricate atmosphere is a heady one, but Void Rot know very well what they’re doing and how best to remain in control.

As well as quality songcraft, delivery, and performances, Descending Pillars also sounds pretty damn good too, with a good balance between clarity and murkiness. As for the vocals…well, these sound less like deep growls and more like a pit to the abyss has opened up and is busying itself by swallowing all available light. Needless to say, this fits the music perfectly.

I have not been disappointed by this at all. If slow death metal is your thing, then Descending Pillars definitely needs to be on your list of albums to check out.

Very highly recommended.

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