Yurodivy – Aphos (Review)

YurodivyYurodivy are a post-hardcore band from France. This is their debut album.

Taking the nasty, abrasive blueprint of violent hardcore, Yurodivy proceed to craft this into their own image over these 42 minutes.

The music is worthy of the Continue reading “Yurodivy – Aphos (Review)”

Benighted – Necrobreed (Review)

BenightedBenighted are a French death metal band and this is their eighth album.

Benighted impressed the Hell out of me when I managed to catch them live supporting The Black Dahlia Murder, (whose singer guests on this album), so it’s with a palpable sense of excitement that I press play on Necrobreed. After a typically throwaway intro, the Continue reading “Benighted – Necrobreed (Review)”

Deadwound – Identity Shapes (Review)

DeadwoundDeadwound are a sludge/hardcore band from the UK. This is their debut EP.

Channelling a lovely line in grim filthiness, Deadwound fuse dark hardcore with sludge metal to produce 22 minutes of riotous ugliness.

The singer Continue reading “Deadwound – Identity Shapes (Review)”

Vaiya – Remnant Light (Review)

VaiyaThis is a re-release of the 2014 album from one-man black metal band Vaiya from Australia.

Featuring three songs, each 13 minutes in length, Remnant Light is atmospheric black metal with a bleak demeanour and a grim personality. Continue reading “Vaiya – Remnant Light (Review)”

Ghastly Sound – Ghastly Sound (Review)

Ghastly SoundGhastly Sound are a metal/hardcore band from the US and this is their debut EP.

As much as I luuurrrvvvveeee the distortion of a good guitar, I do always like it when I come across a band that eschews this in favour of the primal heaviness of just drums and bass. Continue reading “Ghastly Sound – Ghastly Sound (Review)”

Nova Collective – The Further Side (Review)

Nova CollectiveNova Collective are a US/UK progressive rock band and this is their debut album.

Featuring members of Between the Buried and Me, Haken, Trioscapes and Cynic, Nova Collective’s debut album The Further Side is 48 minutes of instrumental progressive rock fusion with plenty of jazz, world and classical influences. Continue reading “Nova Collective – The Further Side (Review)”

King Woman – Created in the Image of Suffering (Review)

King WomanKing Woman are a doom metal band from the US. This is their debut album.

Created in the Image of Suffering is an album that takes traditional doom metal and redefines it for the 2017 audience.

Adding female vocals to doom metal is something that’s a lot more common than it once was, so Continue reading “King Woman – Created in the Image of Suffering (Review)”

Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence (Review)

Suicide SilenceSuicide Silence are a metal band from the US and this is their fifth album.

I haven’t heard anything Suicide Silence have done since their 2009 album No Time to Bleed, so was very interested to finally catch up with them once more. I didn’t expect them to be the same band, of course, and they really aren’t. Continue reading “Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence (Review)”