Yurodivy – Aphos (Review)

YurodivyYurodivy are a post-hardcore band from France. This is their debut album.

Taking the nasty, abrasive blueprint of violent hardcore, Yurodivy proceed to craft this into their own image over these 42 minutes.

The music is worthy of the post-hardcore title, in that it has the recognisable elements of its parent style, but expanded upon and fleshed out into more experimental waters. In fact, experimental hardcore would be another good way to describe Aphos. There are a lot of good ideas and interesting thoughts realised on this album.

Dissonant guitars, free-form drumming and scathing screams have all basically decided to both do what they want yet work together concurrently. In the hands of a lesser guiding force this could have easily become a mess very quickly, and I’m sure there are many that will think this is the case here. I, however, think that Yurodivy have done an outstanding job in curbing their experimental enthusiasm to the extent that it needs to be so that the music on Aphos is as effective as it is.

For all of the violence on this release there’s more than enough atmosphere too, which is also something that I really like. The songs seem built to feel, even when they’re desperately grasping at your throat to squeeze the life out of it.

This may be far removed from most people’s ideas of what punk should sound like, but in their quest to create challenging experimental post-hardcore music, Yurodivy embody the punk spirit more than most.

If you can take it, then this is a must.

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