Vaiya – Remnant Light (Review)

VaiyaThis is a re-release of the 2014 album from one-man black metal band Vaiya from Australia.

Featuring three songs, each 13 minutes in length, Remnant Light is atmospheric black metal with a bleak demeanour and a grim personality.

Taking the fury of the second wave as a starting point, this is expanded upon with ambient and acoustic moments that all help flesh out the sound of the songs. Fiery speed and blast beats are enhanced with melodic and atmospheric additions, frequently seguing into softer, introspective sections that give the music time to breathe and explore the darker side of life without the distorted malice of the rest of the music.

A streak of epic grandeur can frequently be heard in the heavier parts, threatening to leave the harsh despair behind, but never quite breaking away from the misery inherent in the created atmospheres.

The songs err on the side of violence and aggression for a fair bit of their playing time, but even these are still tinged with dark atmospheres and reflective moods.

The vocals are well-performed screams, with a depressive edge in places. They howl, wail and cast out dark lamentations into an uncaring world. Clean singing is occasionally deployed too, whether it’s lurking stealthily behind mournful melodies, or taking pride of place amid acoustic strumming.

The production is raw and heavy, giving the music a clean, clear edge, but without compromising the blackened aesthetics that we know and love. It’s judged well and gives the music the power it needs to succeed at what it does.

Remnant Light is a very enjoyable cold slice of atmospheric black metal. If you missed it the first time it came out, then now is the perfect time to get acquainted with it.

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