Ghastly Sound – Ghastly Sound (Review)

Ghastly SoundGhastly Sound are a metal/hardcore band from the US and this is their debut EP.

As much as I luuurrrvvvveeee the distortion of a good guitar, I do always like it when I come across a band that eschews this in favour of the primal heaviness of just drums and bass.

Interestingly, most bands that do this tend to play in the doom/sludge genres, although this is by no means a natural conclusion when faced with this particular instrumental proposition. Ghastly Sound are one such band that buck the trend. This is a guitarless hybrid of metal and hardcore, and it has come to rule you all.

Taking elements of bands like Every Time I Die, Helmet, Deftones and Torche, this is catchy, intense and extremely enjoyable. Mixing groove, atmosphere and an inevitable dash of sludge due to the heavy bass sounds, these songs are so vibrant and full of life the energy they exude is palpable.

The singer has an impressive voice that’s just as capable of belting out a sterling melody as it is shouting the house down. His style is somewhat reminiscent of a merging of the singers of Every Time I Die and Deftones, although nowhere near as derivative as that might sound. He’s clearly very talented and is a huge reason why this EP is as infectious as it is.

The catchy impact of the music itself is not to be sniffed at either, of course. Taken together it means that although the EP is only 13 minutes long, it seems like it’s longer as the band create such an immersive environment with their music.

Hugely impressive. I can tell you now that I absolutely cannot wait for more material from Ghastly Sound. If their debut album is only half as good as this it’ll still be something special.

Get this.

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