Nova Collective – The Further Side (Review)

Nova CollectiveNova Collective are a US/UK progressive rock band and this is their debut album.

Featuring members of Between the Buried and Me, Haken, Trioscapes and Cynic, Nova Collective’s debut album The Further Side is 48 minutes of instrumental progressive rock fusion with plenty of jazz, world and classical influences.

As you would expect for something like this, the playing is immaculate. It rolls, twists, turns, inverts and explodes, sometimes all at the same time. And that’s for pretty much any given instrument at any given point in the tracks.

With the undoubtedly skilled musicians doing their best to paint complex and quirky soundscapes, it’s a good thing that they have also remembered to pay some attention to structure and flow, as otherwise these songs would just be messy, all over the place and without direction. As you should be able to tell though, this is not an issue. The band’s exploratory noodlings are controlled and focused, making for tracks that are atmospheric, immersive and very enjoyable.

Everything is thrown into this, with 70s influences rubbing shoulders with djent stylings and everything in the middle if it has any form of progressive bent. Of course, the end result is shamelessly modern in delivery. Imagine an ambitious 70s sci-fi progressive rock album if it was updated for the present day and had plenty of jazz-stylings added in for good measure.

Instrumental albums can sometimes leave a lot to be desired, but when trying to keep up with Nova Collective there’s no time at all to note the absence of vocals – there’s just too much going on.

The Further Side is a quality, meaty listen full of engaging content. Good ideas are thrown around with wild abandon on this release, and the entire thing is realised in glorious multi-textural hyper-colour.

It’s a dizzying ride, but one worth taking. Check out The Further Side.


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