Deadwound – Identity Shapes (Review)

DeadwoundDeadwound are a sludge/hardcore band from the UK. This is their debut EP.

Channelling a lovely line in grim filthiness, Deadwound fuse dark hardcore with sludge metal to produce 22 minutes of riotous ugliness.

The singer delivers us scathing screams, ugly roars or rough pseudo-cleans, depending on what mood he’s in at the time. He has a good voice for this kind of work that’s for sure.

The songs are brutal and dirty, but not without a certain amount of refinement. I like that they include a bit of melody into their assault, rather than purely relying on crushing heaviness as is often the case with this kind of thing. Some of the riffs and guitar parts show a band that are willing to add some nuance into proceedings, although at other times they would rather go straight for the throat with a frontal attack.

With a noticeable energy to them, the songs are a good mix of the punkier side of the style combined with a more involved, sometimes melodic approach to sludge metal.

The tracks are well-written and the band have an obvious talent for writing effective music in this hybrid style. Hardcore and sludge go together well, but one of the interesting things about Deadwound is that they merge them in ways that are not always as obvious as that of some of their peers.

There’s a good amount of creativity and interest hidden within the filthy delivery and belligerent riffs. Deadwound are a band that are not content to be mediocre, and Identity Shapes is an impressive first foray into the world of underground metal.

I wonder what they’ll do next?


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