Winterfylleth – The Reckoning Dawn (Review)

Winterfylleth - The Reckoning DawnWinterfylleth are a UK black metal band and this is their seventh album.

My first introduction to Winterfylleth was with last year’s The Siege of Mercia, which I really enjoyed. As such, I knew I had to check out The Reckoning Dawn when it appeared.

Winterfylleth play atmospheric black metal, and throughout this album’s 60 minutes, they do so with passion and self-assurance. Their music is fiery and aggressive, and contains folk elements here and there. These folk elements add extra texture, but are few and far between.

The music is harsh and hostile, yet still contains plenty of windswept beauty. This is atmospheric black metal, after all. Quality, emotive riffs and guitar parts are in abundance, all structured into songs that ebb and flow with blackened majesty and epic scope. I like The Reckoning Dawn‘s combination of atmosphere, melody, and razor-sharp aggression very much. The band clearly know how to write engaging material at this point in their existence, and every track here, even the single interlude Betwixt Two Crowns, earns its running time.

The caustic screams are occasionally augmented with clean backing singing, and all of the vocals are well-performed. The production is well-judged, and the entire package is a strong one. Reckoning Dawn is a thoroughly compelling and enjoyable atmospheric black metal album.

Very highly recommended.

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