Wode – Burn in Many Mirrors (Review)

Wode - Burn in Many MirrorsThis is the third album from UK black metallers Wode.

Burn in Many Mirrors contains 39 minutes of furiously potent blackened aggression.

Wode mix in elements of death metal into their blackened brew, allowing them to beef up their dark assault with some muscular riffs and feral intensity. A classic heavy metal streak can also be heard in places, particularly in some of the leads and melodies – old-school thrash and first wave black metal are also represented in this regard. Wode’s fiery black/death approach is tempered by the older classic metal influences well, resulting in songs that effectively use aspects of both older and newer metal strains to produce something that the listener can really sink their teeth into.

The music’s hybrid style is well-written and effectively realised, delivered by people that know how to merge multiple metallic influences into a coherent collection of tracks.  This is an album of killer riffs that’s perfect for people that don’t normally like riff-centric albums. Why? Because there’s so much else going on here too. The riffs stick with you, and the band’s ferocious demeanour makes a mark, but alongside this are moments of atmosphere and depth that make for a very strong and well-rounded record. Combined into the band’s own brand of thick black metal tar that seems to undercoat everything they do, these songs are hideously enjoyable and very satisfying.

On Burn in Many Mirrors Wode have crafted an album that strikes a great balance between instant-appeal impact and longer lasting depth and atmosphere. An album of menace and grim layered aggression, Wode’s latest release is a new chapter for the band, and should hopefully see them entering the blackened big leagues.

Very highly recommended.

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