Terra – Für Dich Existiert Das Alles Nicht (Review)

Terra - Für Dich Existiert Das Alles NichtThis is the third album from UK black metal band Terra.

Für Dich Existiert Das Alles Nicht contains 65 minutes of atmospheric black metal, and is recommended for fans of bands such as Wolves in the Throne Room, Yellow Eyes, Winterfylleth, Fell Voices, and Weakling.

Für Dich Existiert Das Alles Nicht is a monstrous album that’s divided into four colossal songs. Each has its own dark depths, and each is an atmospheric black metal epic. Terra’s layered approach to these compositions enables them to craft immersive soundscapes of blackened atmospheric potency.

The songs are frequently dense and imposing, but never impenetrable or off-putting. Terra’s sound is well-realised and executed, so instead of this density being a barrier, it’s instead a feature; the band know how to fashion harsh and abrasive walls of sound into the kind of oceans of black distortion that the listener wants to dive into and explore, as they are swept along by its labyrinthine currents. This churning maelstrom is where Terra thrive, and they know where all of the treasures are hidden.

The music is detailed and intricate, building emotive power with ease. Subtle melodies seem to lurk just out of sight, as if they are covered by a shroud of night. Their effect is felt keenly though, helping to shape the song into the engaging and effective works that they are. The album’s drone-like hypnotic qualities are captivating.

The album is a broad tapestry of mood-rich black metal, combining intensity and harsh aggression with grim atmosphere and seductive feeling to create music that seeps into your soul and corrupts completely. Once you fall for Terra’s charms, you are theirs forever.

It may be six year’s since the band’s very enjoyable Mors Secunda, but this new material has been worth the wait. The four songs on Für Dich Existiert Das Alles Nicht are absorbing hymns to darkness, and Terra’s latest album is a recommended listen for anyone into the style.

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