Perdition Temple – Sacraments of Descension (Review)

Perdition Temple - Sacraments of DescensionPerdition Temple are a death metal band from the US and this is their third album.

This is malignant death metal with a vicious blackened edge. Featuring current and ex-members of Angelcorpse, Amon, and Malevolent Creation, this is a veteran band that knows what they are doing with death metal.

The core of the band seems to take influence from the 90s Floridian scene, (Morbid Angel in particular), but then subverts this with occasional black metal influences murderously applied as a malevolent coating in select places. The blast beats are furious, and the blistering riffs unending. This is an album of fast-paced punishing hatred, and there’s very little let up in intensity as the band go about their brutal business.

Unholy auras occasionally make themselves known, as does dark melody. Both of these elements speak of the band’s black metal influences, but these are used sparingly. Perdition Temple are primarily concerned with brutality, but a form of brutality tempered by classic song-based writing.

If you’re a fan of solid, muscular death metal played with blackened bite, then make sure you check out Sacraments of Descension.

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