Vacivus – Nuclear Chaos (Review)

VacivusThis is the latest EP from UK death metallers Vacivus.

Featuring just two songs and lasting under 13 minutes, Vacivus use the time wisely to show off their dark brand of blackened death metal.

Rising up from the underground like some forgotten demigod of war and malevolent slaughter, the music of Vacivus is shrouded in a filthy blackened aura that coats the music like a protective and dangerous carcinogenic layer.

The songs are like extreme metal equivalents of battle rituals, invoking some dark god or other to cause carnage on the battlefield, raining down utter destruction and furious wrath on their enemies.

Although the songs have both brutality and aggression, this is enhanced by dark atmospheres and feelings of otherworldly beings watching and waiting for their time in our reality to begin. Nuclear Chaos sounds like the herald of this era.

When it comes down to it these two songs tick all of the boxes for this kind of underground, atmospheric brutality, and then some. The tracks are long enough to have quite a few highlights in each, and as a package the entire EP is very enjoyable.

I think that Unchaining the Winds of Uncreation is probably the more atmospheric of the two songs, and I particularly like the squealing solo near the end of it.

Blind Idiot God is the harsher song here, although this too is not without its grim atmospheres. Two minutes in the mood of the song changes, and with it the music takes on a macabre grandeur which works really well before switching back to something that reminds me of early Hypocrisy.

Vacivus have produced a rough, underground gem. Make sure you get hold of it before it becomes coated in nuclear ash and disappears forever.

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