Heads for the Dead – Serpent’s Curse (Review)

Heads for the DeadHeads for the Dead are an international death metal band and this is their debut album.

Here we have another death metal supergroup of sorts from the always reliable Transcending Obscurity Records. Featuring the vocalist of the very tasty Revel in Flesh and the multi-talented Jonny Pettersson, (Ursinne, Ashcloud, Henry Kane, Just Before Dawn, Wombbath, and others), Serpent’s Curse gives us 36 minutes of horror-themed old-school death metal. Continue reading

Ursinne – Swim with the Leviathan (Review)

UrsinneThis is the debut album of death metal supergroup Ursinne.

A death metal supergroup you say? Sounds interesting.

So who’s involved?

Well, this is a collaboration between Dave Ingram and Jonny Pettersson. Between them they Continue reading

Ashcloud – Children of the Chainsaw (Review)

AshcloudThis is the second album from Ashcloud, a death metal band.

If you’re a death metal band and you release an album named Children of the Chainsaw, you’d better be playing old-school Swedish death metal, or it’s just a wasted opportunity. Ashcloud do exactly that, but with a few twists to the formula. This is 45 minutes of disgustingly old-school crusty death metal that will clear the cobwebs away with huge gusts of molten fumes.

In true genre-style; as well as the sickening rhythms we get plenty of Continue reading