Gods Forsaken – Smells of Death (Review)

Gods Forsaken - Smells of DeathGods Forsaken are a death metal supergroup and this is their second album.

This is the follow up to the band’s 2017 debut album In a Pitch Black Grave, and it shows that Gods Forsaken have lost none of their talent for butchery.

Featuring members who have experience in Just Before Dawn, Megascavenger, The Grotesquery, Those Who Bring the Torture, Ash Cloud, Heads for the Dead, Henry Kane, Ursinne, Wombbath, Asphyx, and many others, this impressive pedigree is put to great use in Gods Forsaken. In a Pitch Black Grave was a highly enjoyable slab of Swedish death metal, and Smells of Death is just the same.

The album hits like a hammer. Throw out any pretence at progression or modernity, as this is no-nonsense death metal of the most ancient Swedish variety. If you’re not really a fan of this sort of thing then Smells of Death is not for you. If you are partial to the style, however, then Gods Forsaken are definitely near the top of the Swedish death metal pile.

Chainsaw riffs, filthy bass, belligerent drums, macabre melodies, and soul-destroying growls; everything here is executed with brutal precision, and delivered with an obvious enthusiasm and love for the source material. This album essentially sounds as if it has been created for the pure worship of the style. And why not? The end result is an album of bone-crunching fun.

The guitars are thick, the songs good, and the attitude infectious. Gods Forsaken rule.

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