Xenosis – Devour and Birth (Review)

XenosisXenosis are a progressive/technical death metal band from the US and this is their third album.

I enjoyed the band’s 2015 album Sowing the Seeds of Destruction, so it’s great to see that their next release is now here.

Xenosis play death metal that’s modern and progressive, with a melodic aspect that helps them stay on track when there are so many shiny, technical distractions going on around them.

With tumbling groove and twisting melodies, these songs rarely take a direct route to where they aim to get to. This provides the listener with a convoluted, winding route through the band’s particular extreme metal landscape, delivering bright, vibrant songs that are enjoyable and well-played.

For a basic descriptor, think a cross between Death’s technical era and The Faceless. What I like about Xenosis, however, is that although you can certainly hear aspects of these bands in their delivery, (as well as others), Xenosis don’t come off as a faded copy, and instead have managed to stamp their own personality forcibly upon the style.

The melodic, technical, and progressive aspects of the band’s sound are all merged and balanced well across the album, and it’s obvious that Xenosis know how to pen good song. Although there’s a certain level of instant gratification to their music, it works best over time, as the colourful melodies, atypical riffs, and insane drumming worm their way into your mind over multiple listens.

The musicianship is professional and precise, as is the recording. Xenosis are very good at what they do.

I’ll say the same thing about this album that I did about Sowing the Seeds of Destruction – I’m very impressed by this and I’m amazed that the band haven’t been snapped up hungrily by one of the more well-known extreme metal labels.

Definitely a recommended listen.

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