Heads for the Dead – The Great Conjuration (Review)

Heads for the Dead - The Great ConjurationThis is the third album from Heads for the Dead, an international death metal band.

Heads for the Dead have produced a very enjoyable discography – Serpent’s CurseInto the Red, and Slash ‘n’ Roll – and now they have gone and added the 47-minute The Great Conjuration to this list.

Heads for the Dead’s song-based approach is well-written and tight. The band have further developed their brutal art, making for a collection of tracks that surpass even their own high standards. This is classic horror-themed old-school death metal that’s terrifyingly effective and utterly deadly.

The faster sections are aggressive and propelled by a grisly set of chainsaw riffs. Easily absorbed, catchy, and quite moreish, the instant-appeal nature of the style is backed up by a depth that comes from good songwriting and a firm understanding of the genre and its capabilities. Part of this is down to the band’s use of memorable composition, and part is down to their atmospheric craftsmanship. Yes, the slower, moodier sections build macabre atmosphere that’s thicker and more well-rounded than those they have delved into previously.

Heads for the Dead really want you to feel the horror, to be surrounded by sinister vibes and engrossed in their forbidding worldbuilding. And then they want to smash you in the face with a hammer. This is death metal, after all. This approach pays off, and these new songs are detailed and finely-wrought examples of the old-school style.

Very highly recommended.

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