Morild – Så kom mørket… (Review)

morild - så kom mørket...Morild are a Danish black metal band and this is their debut album.

To give this album it’s full, unabridged title –

Så kom mørket og tog mig på ordet
En sort sky af minder
I afgørende stunder
Frosset fast i mit indre
Jeg håber det forsvinder med lyset
At dø eller blive fri

Which apparently translates as – 

Thus came the darkness and took me by my word
A dark cloud of memories
In crucial moments
Frozen inside of me
I hope it disappears with the light
To die or become free

There are six tracks on this album, each one corresponding to a line of the above.

So now you know.

From the very start of this album Morild hit the listener with a wall of blackened atmosphere and emotion. This is atmospheric black metal with a firm emphasis on the atmospheric. The band mix influences from old and new to produce their art, and ultimately it transcends era-labels to produce something of the the void and deep space. The cosmic grandeur is strong, and the music so beautifully majestic that all you can really do when listening to this is get lost in its textured richness.

There’s a great deal of variety across the album, from adventurously synth-heavy soundscapes, to furiously blackened intensity, and a lot between. The band are capable and impressive with their songwriting throughout, however, and even at their most aggressive never lose atmosphere. Ethereal melodies and otherworldly nuance and delicacy is never too far away on this release, in one form or another; this could be a layered assault of overwhelming synth-enhanced stimuli, or a reflective, lighter, lonesome guitar line.

Like any that play an ultra-absorbing atmospheric style, I favour vocals that are relatively low in the mix high-pitched screams, treated almost as if they are any other instrument. This is what we get here, (mostly), which I am very pleased by.

Extremely enjoyable, and extremely recommended.

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