Hænesy/Moondweller – Earth and Space – Split (Review)

hænesy moondweller - earth and space - splitThis is a split between two black metal acts – Hænesy from Hungary and Moondweller from Russia.

Hænesy open up the split, and after enjoying their debut album Katruzsa from last year, it’s great to have some new material from them already.

Hænesy play a mix of atmospheric and post-black metal that’s raw and underground in execution and style. The two tracks last 14 minutes in total and have a cosmic feel; the music explores the void and returns with melodically charged atmospheric music that’s wonderfully affecting and emotive.

Largely lacking the majority of the harsh bite of some previous material, (despite the presence of blast beats and screams), this is music firmly focused on crafting atmospheric soundscapes and allowing the listener to fall into them with complete immersion. Aggression is used as just another tool to pull the listener in.

Absorbing and compelling, this split is another strong release from Hænesy, and reveals a project that continues to develop and grow in strength. I can’t wait to hear what’s next for the band.

Moondweller is a one man project and was unknown to me before listening to this split. Contributing two tracks with a total duration of 14 minutes, this is atmospheric black metal that’s expressive and emotive.

The songs are atmospheric and engaging, operating in the same raw, underground domain as Hænesy, but with a different feel and delivery. Although less ethereal and more gritty, Moondweller’s music still reaches for the stars and provides immersive black metal that it’s easy to become absorbed in.

Hænesy and Moondweller have produced an extremely enjoyable split here. Both explore similar ground, but with their own easily identifiable take on what makes atmospheric music so engaging and compelling. They each have a firm, well-formed personality and complement each other perfectly.

Very highly recommended.

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