Hænesy – Katruzsa (Review)

HaenesyThis is the debut album from Hungarian black metal band Hænesy.

Now this is the stuff. Katruzsa is a nature-inspired atmospheric black metal album with some post-black metal qualities. Underground and raw, with a sonic aesthetic that definitely pleases, this is textured black metal replete with affecting melodies and plenty of atmospheric depth.

The music mixes aggressive second wave qualities with a more modern approach that’s balanced against softer, introspective moments. Ambient and depressive elements can be heard in the music, adding a layer of bleak substance to the songs.

It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the formulation of these tracks in order to provide the listener with music that’s more than just any one thing. Each song here marries together a few different styles and ideas to produce music that’s enjoyable and substantial. Some of the music has been delivered with real texture and nuance, crafting effective expansive soundscapes out of blackened emotion.

I like the mixture of raw aggression and emotive melodies, and Hænesy obviously have a lot of tools in their toolbox to work with. Atmospheric black metal can occasionally concentrate so much on building atmosphere that the harsher side of the equation can be neglected, but Katruzsa strikes a good balance between them both. This album has teeth as well as depth.

Well-written atmospheric black metal like this is something that I can’t get enough of, especially when it combines underground sensibilities with a decently blackened production like this one does.

I highly recommend this for any fan of the blackened arts.

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