Enon Chapel – Enon Chapel (Review)

enon chapel - enon chapelEnon Chapel are an American black metal band and this is their debut EP.

Featuring a member of Palace of Worms, this project takes influence from Victorian era London and specialises in raw, lo-fi black metal.

Along with the obvious blackened nastiness of the style that Enon Chapel have opted to play, punk is a clear influence too. Elements of underground thrash can also be heard amidst the blackened carnage, and the songs are filled with blistering energy and a cold, dark heart.

The songs are full of riffs that strike you hard, and the band inject melody when they need to so as to provide something to latch on to while the sharp guitars slice you up. Well-written and surprisingly catchy, these songs will stick in your mind like an infected spike.

Other elements appear here and there to add character and depth to the sturdily constructed songs, such as samples, guitar solos, and a church organ. As the first track Eldrich ably demonstrates, the band have an atmospheric side as well. Although this is the most prominent example of this side of the band, atmospheric moods can be felt in various parts of the tracks as you move through the release.

The singer has an acidic scream that sounds inhumanly delivered. Her voice is as serrated and grim as you would hope for, while still conveying a character and presence of her own.

An impressive and very enjoyable first release for Enon Chapel. I look forward to more from them in the future.

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