Kromorth – Geodesic Beast (Review)

Kromorth - Geodesic BeastKromorth are a death metal band from Brazil and this is their debut album.

This is 32 minutes of brutal, relentless death metal. It’s raw and underground, and displays an instant character that I can’t help but warm to. There’s an obvious passion of delivery here that comes off the music in spades. Kromorth really love what they do.

Apparently the band formed in 1999, so they’ve had a considerable amount of time to work on this record. I have no idea how old these songs actually are, of course, but they do sound like they’ve been worked on quite a bit.

The songs on Geodesic Beast offer the kind of relentless battering that albums like Marduk‘s Panzer Division Marduk or Krisiun’s Conquerors of Armageddon have done so well, with the latter example obviously being more relevant here. In fact, Krisiun are a good starting point for understanding what Kromorth sound like, as not only is this influence apparent in the music, but the band members can be seen wearing the band’s T-shirt in promo shots, and apparently a member of Krisiun produced the intro on Geodesic Beast. Throw in some other influences, (such as Vader, to my ears at least), and you have Kromoth.

This kind of merciless, ruthless, relentless brutality is not commonly heard these days, so it’s with a genuine joy that I listen to Geodesic Beast. I’m sure that the band will have their detractors due to the apparent homogeneity of the music, but in all honesty this matters not one bit. Geodesic Beast is the kind of short, barbaric hit of no-frills death metal that I adore from time to time, and its raw, underground delivery and sound only add to how authentically savage it is. Besides, within the framework that they’ve set for themselves, these are good death metal songs. Sure, Geodesic Beast isn’t going to come close to the classic status of the aforementioned Marduk or Krisiun albums, but then that was never going to happen. Instead, judged on its own terms, Geodesic Beast is a very strong, very enjoyable slab of brutal death metal.

So check this out. Expect no surprises, other than how utterly brutal it is, and let’s spread the name Kromorth far and wide.

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