Burial Invocation – Abiogenesis (Review)

Burial InvocationThis is the debut album from Burial Invocation, a Turkish death metal band.

If you’re partial to some morbid death metal, with long songs and plenty of sinister atmosphere, then Burial Invocation are a band you are going to want to check out.

This is music that combines heavy riffs with mood and atmosphere, creating 43 minutes of distorted menace and occult metallic destruction. The band are very adept at unleashing Hell via crushing riffs and malevolent groove. Mid-paced fury and steamroller guitars are commonly used to smash and destroy, while leads and more nuanced, subtle guitar lines are deployed to create the atmospheric component of the band’s sound.

These latter parts can become nicely intricate on occasion, but remain always rooted in classic death metal. Despite the length of some of these songs and the depth and breadth that they display, this is not a post-death metal album. Nope, this is death metal through and through, yet still knows how to provide the listener with a layered collection of songs that are surprisingly affecting and emotive, considering how brutally heavy and belligerent they can also be.

The vocalist has a classic cookie monster voice, and although this term is sometimes used disparagingly, that’s not the case here. His performance is extremely satisfying. Deep, dark, and rotten, the deathgrowls on Abiogenesis are inhumanly effective.

Abiogenesis is a crushing and atmospheric piece of cruel death metal art.

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