Mesarthim – The Density Parameter (Review)

MesarthimThis is the third album from Australian black metallers Mesarthim.

2016’s .- -… … . -. -.-. . was an album I really enjoyed, so this new full-length is very gratefully received. The Density Parameter, however, is something else entirely.

This is cosmic-themed black metal, steeped in rich atmosphere and resplendent melodies. I find the band’s music to be extremely immersive and transcendent, and it’s shockingly easy to get lost in their spaceborne explorations. Although the band have definitely retained their signature style from their previous work, The Density Parameter also offers a further expansion on the band’s musical vision.

The songs are a multifaceted mix of atmospheric, progressive, and melodic black metal. Mesarthim have continued to develop their own very personal style, and The Density Parameter is probably their most engrossing and captivating work to date. For example, the use of synths on this album is very striking. They are very well-deployed, managing to concurrently sound both above the music and completely enmeshed in it. It also adds an additional layer to the band’s music in that it further develops the synthpop/electronic aspect of Mesarthim’s sound. When stated like that you may think it doesn’t work, but I assure you very much that it does.

The colossal tracks on this album speak for themselves, and it’s rare these days to hear a band that have so fully developed their own individual space in the crowded metal world. Mesarthim have succeeded in this though, and are definitely to be commended for it.

The end result of all of this is an epic journey into the void, full of wonder and splendour, and no small amount of danger, of course.

Beautiful, majestic, and surprisingly uplifting.

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