Myrkvid – Demons Are Inside (Review)

MyrkvidMyrkvid are a French black metal band and this is their latest EP.

Myrkvid play classic, second-wave black metal with a rolling, grooving fury and energetic blasphemy.

The vocals are strikingly performed; serrated high-pitched screams that seem sharp enough to cut flesh. Deeper, darker growls also make an appearance here and there, which is a welcome touch. I like both, but for different reasons.

The music is frequently powered by an undercurrent of punk energy that feeds into the blackened riffs with reckless abandon. When this aspect of the band’s music is abandoned, they focus firmly on the more traditional side of black metal’s cold darkness. Both aspects have their appeal, with the groovier parts sounding instantly enjoyable, and the more atmospherically blackened sections showing a good grasp of what makes this sort of black metal so timeless.

The EP ends with a decent enough cover of Bathory’s The Return of Darkness and Evil, which is always something that’s interesting to hear.

If you’re into this kind of style then Demons Are Inside is effortlessly enjoyable. It won’t win any awards of innovation, but that’s obviously not the point. This is an ode to the pure blackened genre of old, delivered with clear passion from the band members. Make sure you give this a listen and see what you think.

FAVOURITE TRACK: Deathmarch. The longest song here is a solid slab of vitriolic black metal, with plenty of venomous bite and some sinister blackened melodies. Very nice.

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