Gutter Instinct – The Insurrection (Review)

Gutter InstinctGutter Instinct are a Swedish Death Metal band and this is their début EP.

Upon pressing play you’re immediately confronted with a massive Swedish chainsaw sound and the band firmly set out their agenda for musical destruction in the first ten seconds.

This is authentic Swedish Death Metal and yes, I’m an absolute sucker for this style.

The band rage and roar along the 18 minutes playing time of this EP with all of the abandon of a giant running through a sea of delicate flowers. Or some other, more manly image. Whatever.

The vocals are a particular delight, as they’re utterly guttural, bestial and gruff in all of the best ways.

The guitars are heavy and have the tone all right. The band generally go for a little less macabre melody than a lot of Swedish Death Metal and instead opt for a more brutal approach; the melodies are still employed but the rhythms are the main stars of the show.

As an introduction to the band this is more than capable. Swedish Death Metal is a much maligned sub-genre in many ways, but as I’ve said before – what’s not to like here?

Check them out.

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