Cold Snap – All Our Sins (Review)

Cold SnapCold Snap are a Croatian metal band and this is their fourth album.

I enjoyed Cold Snap’s 2015 album World War 3, which mixed modern metal and metalcore with a rare-these-days helping of nu-metal. Despite how that description probably sounds to some people, it was a recipe I quite enjoyed, so I’m now pleased to give the band’s latest effort a good listen.

So what do they give us on All Our Sins? Well, we get 45 minutes of new material, consisting of 12 songs of heavy music. The band have somewhat adopted a more streamlined approach to their new album, which means that what All Our Sins lacks in the larger variety of delivery that its predecessor had, it makes up for in enjoyable direct aggression, usually with a strong emotive component of one sort or another.

That’s not to say that there’s no variety on this album, however; far from it. The band’s heavy delivery still consists of numerous metallic sub-genres mashed together into a pleasing mess of riffs, violence, and big beats. Also, the band have gained an additional vocalist since their last outing, which makes for a much more dynamic and varied vocal delivery, and has had a huge impact on Cold Snap’s music. These various vocal styles, (screamed, growled, sung, semi-clean, etc.), work really well, and show a distinct positive development for the band.

The band’s nu-metal influences mean that a lot of the material is focused on heavy groove, and yet despite the well-worn style that the band take inspiration from, I can’t help but find their music to be quite enjoyable and moreish. I think it’s a combination of factors, really.

Cold Snap seem to somehow be able to rummage through the scrapheap of groove, modern, nu-metal, and metalcore, finding and using only the best looking parts, and discarding the more tired looking ones. They also display an obvious passion for their music, which is great to hear. Additionally, they clearly know how to write a decent modern metal tune, which is an important asset to have for this kind of thing. Finally, we have a professional, crushing production that allows the songs to truly shine and give their best.

The clash between old nu-metal influences and the heavier modern aspects of the band’s sound has resulted in an album that’s very enjoyable. I liked World War 3, but All Our Sins is a notable step up in the quality department, in all areas.

Highly recommended.

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