Vomitile – Pure Eternal Hate (Review)

VomitileVomitile are a death metal band from Cyprus and this is their third album.

War and slaughter, that’s what Vomitile offer us on Pure Eternal Hate. The album title and cover adequately portray Vomitile’s brand of punishing death metal, and they give us 37 minutes of material to become battered and bruised by.

Vomitile bask in the power and glory of true, honest death metal. Unfiltered and unadorned, the songs on this album revel in their brutal assault. With chunky grooves, gruesome energy, and punishing blast beats, this is a collection of barbaric songs that are well-written and confident.

Vomitile take a song-based approach to their carnage, creating songs that are more focused on engaging the listener through riffs and hooks than trying to be the most technical, overly brutal, flashiest, etc. In that sense this is very honest music; it does exactly what it sets out to, and also reflects the passion and enthusiasm of its creators.

I very much like the singer’s voice. His is a style that’s brutal and direct, while remaining largely intelligible. He also shows a decent amount of charisma and individuality throughout.

The album has a primal, explosive power to it born from a familiarity with what made the early death metal trailblazers so enduring. You can hear elements of bands such as Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Hate Eternal, Vader, etc. here and there, but these are merely influences and Vomitile have their own personality fully-formed and intact.

Timeless and classic in both style and substance, Pure Eternal Hate is an easy album to listen to and absorb.

Check this one out and give it a spin.

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