Argus Megere – VEII (Review)

Argus MegereArgus Megere are a Romanian black metal band and this is their latest album.

Argus Megere play a combination of second wave and atmospheric black metal, with long songs and plenty of depth and texture.

Across the lengthy playing times there are various different moods and feelings explored. Different paces, ideas, and forms of blackened assault are used by the band to good effect too, and the album has a lot of content to engage the listener.

The album is awash with well-arranged keyboards, providing a layered tapestry of shading to add to the blackened music.

A variety of different types of guitar styles are used in the songs, from slowly drawn-out paces, to some quite catchy riffs, to ultra-blasting extremity. The band also veer from cold misanthropic iciness to colourful melodic sections with ease.

The vocals are equally as diverse. The main delivery is composed of blackened screams that are performed about as well as any in the style. These are offset by some very bold and confident clean singing that really forces the listener to pay attention. Deep growls also appear on occasion, sounding especially good.

Argus Megere have a lot going on in these songs. I like how they can be playing something harsh and aggressive at one moment, with blast beats and dark screams, only to switch to being grand, epic, and brightly melodic the next, with epic cleans and upbeat keyboards.

The mix of frosted blackened hatred, colourful orchestral black metal, and plenty of atmospheric moments has made for an extremely engrossing, satisfying, and pleasing listen. Make sure you give VEII a spin, as it’s a very enjoyable piece of sophisticated blackened art.

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