Live Burial – Curse of the Forlorn (Review)

Live Burial - Curse of the ForlornLive Burial are a UK death metal band and this is their third album.

2020’s Unending Futility was a decent slab of old-school death metal carnage. The band are now back with the 47-minute behemoth that is Curse of the Forlorn.

Live Burial once again deliver morbid death metal in the classic style. Curse of the Forlorn picks up where Unending Futility finished, only with the band having further refined and improved their deathly formula.

Essentially Live Burial have taken what they already did well and enhanced it with more involved songwriting. These new songs are simultaneously more aggressive and filthier, while also displaying a increased range of textures. The latter might manifest in areas such as enriched atmospheric sections, greater intricacy in composition and structure, deeper immersion in the sinister leads, harsher and more scathing vocals, rhythm guitars and riffs that have more feeling and impact in them, etc.

The songs are well-crafted and Live Burial have clearly taken the time to ensure that their new album offers plenty of meaty content for the listener to salivate over. The riffs and leads are strong, and they’re arranged alongside everything else in meaningful ways.

Live Burial continue to impress. Returning with a stronger set of songs and an overall improved delivery, Curse of the Forlorn is easy to recommend for any fan of old-school death metal.

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